“After downloading I was honestly shocked at how many scenarios and clips I could use these on. They basically made my clips flow better and look 10x more professional without much effort at all” - Matt C, Venice

  • Real anamorphic flares and textures

  • Captured on RED and Atlas

  • Compatible with any video editing software

  • Easy drag and drop use.

  • Bonus Letterbox and vignette assets

Add high quality anamorphic flares from real cinema lenses to your videos. Captured in 5k - these flares allow you to instantly up-level the perceived production quality of your project.Use these flares as transitions, overlays, or track them into your footage. Applying these flares is a simple drag and drop from your computer into the timeline.


Higher Production Value is Just a Few Clicks Away.

  • Emulate the effects/flares of a real $10,000+ anamorphic lens
  • Add depth to your footage
  • Smooth over rough cuts by using "Flares" as transitions
  • Turn boring shots into digital gold baby


Your Time is Too Important to Waste - SO DON'T

With the CFX bundle: You spend less time behind your desk editing and more time doing.

Doing is: Being out in the world, building your business, impressing clients, going on trips, and making time for family.

The bundle is like playing GTA with cheat codes: its a hell of a lot more fun and you’re going to get to your destination much faster (and in style). 

Get the bundle > Unlock the cheat codes.


Flexibility to Customize

Adapt it to your own style. 

Use it as a base to create and develop your design skills. 

Oliver: “I love to see how people are taking this design template and making it their own. I made this as a foundation to allow you to customize and learn how to use typography in an engaging and on trend manner.” 


Shot with Intention

Unlike a traditional anamorphic flares pack, these were captured with utility and versatility in mind. 

Traditionally, editors just track anamorphic flares on light sources (For example car headlights, flashlights, etc.) to give your viewers the impression that your footage was shot on an expensive cinema lens. 

This is exactly why we sought to switch it up and shoot these anamorphic flares at countless different angles, with varying intensities, duration, and speed so that you can pick favorites and tailor each one to create unique overlays, tracking, and transitions.

These Bad Boys are the Real Thing

Avoid cheesy transitions / overlays and fake anamorphic imitations.

These organic, farm-raised flares were shot on:

Body - RED Gemini 

Lens - Altas Orion Anamorphic Cinema Lens



  1. Adobe Premiere Pro & CC
  2. Adobe After Effects CS6 & CC
  3. FCPX - Final Cut Pro
  4. Adobe Photoshop CS6 & CC
  5. DaVinci Resolve
  6. Apple iMovie



Why would you need this Anamorphic Flare pack?

As creators ourselves: we know that sometimes editing can be rough. Whether it's two clips not flowing together, a rough cut, or simply a shot looks too low energy, us editors need to find a solution. That solution is a versatile pack of overlays that makes your projects look cohesive and high quality. Skip the cheesy overlays and film burns and go with the futuristic lens flares included in this Anamorphic Light Flares pack. Up your production value and spice your edits up with real lens flares captured on $10,000+ cinema-grade lenses. 

I’m a  beginner video and photo editor, are these FX going to be too complex to use? 

Good news: The assets included in this pack are built with the user in mind and are user friendly and can be utilized and appreciated by all skill levels. All you need to do is drag these into your project and change the blend mode to screen and boom you're done! 

What type of payment do you accept? 

We accept all major credit cards, and Paypal - safe & secure.


What are FX / digital assets? 

Simple. They are digital files that you download and are able to use on your photo/video projects. It’s like accessing the cheat codes on GTA.

Once I download: What if I need help?

Great news old sport: the file structure is uniform and simple to understand. If you are having a roadblock or technical issue: Don’t hesitate to email us at - support@creatorfxbundle.com 

Where is my turtle?

Yeah that wasn't that funny.

Do I need an expensive laptop to use these assets?

Nope, this can operate on any laptop. No RAM supercharger needed.

How long do I have access to the digital files?

For as long as you’re on planet Earth - your download link doesn’t expire so you’re able to take your assets it on the go if needed!

Is buying this genuine FLARES pack really worth it?


Assets are Compatible With All Video Editing Software Programs