Our mission: 

To help digital content creators make better videos by supplying them the tools they need to tell better stories, increase production value, and engage their audience - so that they can improve efficiency, streamline their workflow and gain a competitive advantage over their competition and make their dreams a reality.  

   Your ideas change who you are. Creator FX was built on the idea that great things come from people who choose to live boldly. Action + Belief. Creator FX was built on belief in the individual. The belief of breaking away from the 9-5 and ‘Making Your Own Luck’: taking action. 


   We also like to laugh. With our friends, at the influencer culture, and especially at ourselves (Hence - “Creator FUX”). It keeps us sane and helps us enjoy the process while we create dreams for our ego. Yeah, we’re deep bro 🦋. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, or flex our abdominal muscles too hard because we know that our mission is absolute freedom & abundance.  

   With Creator FX we seek to end the starving artist paradigm and support creators' journey by not only providing a marketplace of assets that save creators' time, we seek to provide an avenue where anyone is able to make a high quality asset and host it on Creator FX, and generate passive income. 


   As creators ourselves we know that making your own video FX can be overwhelming, and time consuming. So we thought, "Wouldn't it be great if someone had already gone through and took the time to build these assets for us?"

Well that's exactly what you get here at Creator FX: High quality, user friendly FX that look like you spend hours editing, when in reality you saved hours of your time and made your project look 10x more professional.

Stop wasting time editing every video/photo you create and start editing your videos with pre-built FX made by the industry pros.


If you want to FX'n crush your videos - use Creator FX.