Why You Need A Pro Mist Lens Filter Right Now


Black Pro Mist Filter

Words by Jack Delulio 


Every industry has their best kept secrets, and (in terms of camera gear) this is perhaps the best kept secret in all of the content creation world. 

Ever since the early days of tumblr the objective and cool thing to do was (and is) to shoot on film, and if you don’t have a film camera - you try to emulate film on your digital camera. Now there are many presets and dust overlays that promise to deliver that film look but as we all know from experience, the majority of those fall short, and I mean way short. 

The problem is they are trying to reverse engineer a look that was never captured. This is where our good friend papa pro mist comes in. While it may look like a polarizer - this simple screw on filter allows the light coming into your camera to bloom, your subject's skin looks far more flattering, and for lack of better technical understanding - it gives your image an overall more nostalgic and warm feeling. Now this effect alone doesn’t take the whole cake - but when combined with our good friend @Carssun’s “Film” Preset - you better have a tall glass of water nearby because that shit is hot. 

All joking aside, buying this one piece of gear for under $100 literally changed the way I create photos and video and gave me a whole new love for my camera: the trusty Canon 1dx Mkii. 

Thanks for reading FX’ers! 

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