Oliver Jai on Why He Created "Type Layout"

Typographic Layout


With over 731 Million Impressions on Instagram and a world-wide user base of over 10 million - its safe to say - TYPE LAYOUT has been a massive success for our friend Oliver Jai. Oliver is a 22 year old UK based graphic designer, video editor, photographer, and all around badass entrepreneur. He’s the guy who makes it happen both behind the scenes for himself and countless other creators in the space. 

This is what he has to say about why he created his “TYPE LAYOUT” 

“One of the main objectives is to make design more accessible for the masses and help people understand the fundamentals of design. Composition, alignment and typography are just some of the design concepts covered in this pack. These fundamentals provide you with the knowledge and ability to take your design skills to the next level.

Typographic knowledge is a necessity in the photo and video world. Whether this be the titling a music video or logo placement for a corporate client, understanding these simple concepts will allow you to better yourself as a creative. 

Being in a creative profession for over 4 years I have seen the in’s and out’s of design based graphics used on different media forms. Composition doesn’t just apply for the framing of a scene. It applies to type and the way type is framed in a scene, how much space is left for the subject to breathe, complimenting the scene in a trending form, the list is endless.” 

Thanks for your time Oliver.

You can find TYPE LAYOUT exclusively on Creator FX

Thank you FX’ers for reading. Until next time - live boldly you FX’ers!



**P.S. Throughout the course of the global roll out of Oliver's IG filter, the effect has graced the Instagram Stories of countless fans and celebrities both in an out of the content creator space.

Notable users of type layout include: Tom Daley, Rook, Tom Daley, Jacob Riglin, Karl Shakur, Mike Holston- Therealtarzan, Jeremiah Davis, Shay Mitchell, Gustavo Menezes, Chelsea Kauai (Yamase), JR Reed, Christine Quinn, Rob Strok, Brendon Hayward, Luke Mabbot, Marcel Somerville, Ross Worswick, Matt Komo (Komo's Arms), Francis Ngannou, and many more. 

Thank you.


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