How to Separate Yourself from the Pack + Win $2500

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Hello! I’m Cole Warner, and this is how I won $2500 from The Color Bundle.

I’ve been into photography and filmmaking for a while, and I had just approached the stage where I started taking photography seriously and started to learn how to use Lightroom. After months of using it, some of my favorite photographers released a product called “The Color Bundle”. The color bundle is a pack of hundreds of presets for Lightroom that many photographers created and put all together. When I️ first saw it I️ was already very interested, but I️ knew I️ had to buy it when they announced that they were giving away $2500 to a different person every day for the 10 days the bundle was available. So, how do you win?

Basically the entry requirements was just to post a picture you’ve taken using a color bundle preset and use the #colorbundlegiveaway. The issue for me was that there was no way I️ was going to stand out or win by just posting one of my photos, so at first I️ made a bunch of before and afters with a slider animation going across showcasing the presets. I️ saw that people were winning by just posting their photos so I️ thought my little before and after slider had a decent shot at the cash prize, but as each day went by, I️ knew it wasn’t enough. So, I️ was taking a shower and thought ‘what if I️ made them an ad?’ and instantly I knew I️ had to do it. I️ immediately started writing down ideas on what it could be about, what style I️ would do and how I️ was going to showcase that this product was it, and once I️ began editing it was pretty much free flow from there. I️ edited the whole thing start to finish in one sitting and posted that thing tagging every creator I ️ could, and after a few minutes, creator after creator started commenting. It was exhilarating seeing the people I️ look up to appreciate something I️ made, and the real adrenaline hit when I️ saw the notification “Sam Kolder has sent you a message”. I️ lost my sh*t. I️ was so excited and him and Jacob ended up reposting my video to their stories, and if they day wasn’t great enough, a few hours later I️ got a call from @Valdays letting me know I️ had won $2500.

So what’s the point of the story? Nothing, just trying to flex on all of you about how smart, creative and humble I️ am. But seriously, the point is that you should always follow through with any idea and do something no one else is, because you’ll always just blend in with the crowd if you don’t.



Thank you Cole. Get after it FX'ers!!

Cole's instagram: @colewarner__

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