When you download the FCPX Light Burn Machine, you’ll get access to over 22 unique Light Burns. What makes this pack different, is that all of these light burns are color adjustable and include a powerful control panel with which you can re-map these burns to whatever colors suit your footage. Just drag and drop and you’re good to go

What's Included:

  • 22+ Unique, Color Adjustable Light Burn Effects
  • Step by step how to install video


Get instant access to your files in a well organized folder upon purchase.


Spend more time telling your story.


Plugins so simple even Nikon users can understand 



The Creator Games: We like to create, and we like to laugh.

That's why we’re hosting two contests: 

Final Cut Vs Premiere Editing Battle

Best Meme (Photo) / Comedic Video (rap, skit, etc)

You want to win? 

It’s the contest you’ve all been waiting for: Final Cut Pro vs Premiere Pro

Giveaway - $1000 shopping spree at LSKD & your very own free master bundle with updates for the rest of the year. 

To Join the Creator Games:  

Rules: download all the clips 30s video or less, submit it, or post on IG and tag us 

Post submissions, etc

Same clips, same assets, different software

Now you have the assets, let's see who wins!

Winner announced on the last day. You going to make this you? 

Ready. Set. go: