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DYSTOPIAN Lightroom Presets

We had a lot of fun putting this bad boy together. Cyberpunk, Futuristic, Blade Runner vibes for all your dark fantasies. 


Use these on your night & low light photography

  • Images should be darker with some light sources (light pole, car, gas station, etc)
  • Fog, reflections, snow, and haze work wonderfully with these presets
  • These are tailored to make your images look otherworldly and create a unique look that we personally love about night photography
  • Get creative, make some art, and influence your little heart out with these FX’ers
  • Love you


  • Get out your skull caps and hello kitty necklaces, CFX is coming for blood on these pups
  • If you’re looking to create an aggressive, red-dominant image: this is the one for you
  • BLOOD NIGHT is sure to be an eye-catcher
  • Best if used on low light images such as a shot of your mate under a light pole about 100 meters away at 12:00 am, bc yes this is how we photographers spend our Friday nights lol

02 - CFX - Cine Nightmare

  • Quite versatile
  • Taken straight out of a movie, this preset nails that green/teal balance
  • Honestly not normally a fan of green in my images but these make me re-question how I think about that dastardly shade in the color wheel

03 - CFX - 69th Sector

  • This is one of the more versatile night presets in the pack
  • Works best with light sources and glow
  • Cornea pleasing teals and crisp blacks, we love to see it

04 - CFX - Dark Blue Snow 

  • Midwinter moody blues on this one
  • Fits like a damn good pair a lulus on low light, desaturated images
  • Example: Looking out of an alley at a less crowed section of Times Square in New York City at around 5:30 am in the middle of the winter: Lights are glowing, blue light is coming through the buildings but still dark enough to capture that glorious moody vibe
  • Thank you for reading, its quite good for you. Besides of course my writing, it has been said to be virulent

05 - CFX - Dystopian Desert

  • Double D, the Dystopian Desert. This one should have been a bit higher up on the list but it’s all good we’re here.
  • Obviously, if you’ve lived on earth you’ve seen the classic film Blade Runner, this preset is inspired by that piece of cinematic paragon
  • Use on dystopian inspired images: ie man solo in the desert, or desolate city-scape. Tune to your lighting scenarios and you’ve got it. Go rip!

06 - CFX - Back Alley

  • More intense greens that Cine Nightmare, be careful
  • Cinematic, gritty, grimey goodness, Fight Club vibes

07 - CFX - Dark Kodak

  • Dark Kodak is C-L-E-A-N
  • Crisp night photography is not your b-word

08 - CFX - Grim 

  • Ahh Grim, some might call it de-sat. 
  • This preset is great for dragging color out of nearly everywhere except the orange/red highlights 
  • One of my personal favorites

09 - CFX - Time

  • A “time”-less classic… ha ha (don’t kill me) 
  • Wow I know I keep saying this but this is a versatile one with a bit more of a vintage vibe
  • Good stuff partner

10 - CFX - WRLD

  • Take “Time” and add some Blue Steel and you get WRLD
  • It’s so satisfying placing this one on high - quality images and watching the magic happen (i like magic) 
  • One of the cheeky favs

11 - CFX - RED + TEAL

  • Yes we had to put this one in all CAPS because it’s that intense
  • Heavy on the teal to really pop those darker images
  • Use on very low light images with some sort of white & red / orange light and a lot of black to set the mood
  • This one esta mucho bellisimo 

12 - CFX - Green Midnight

  • Green + Midnight = Green Midnight
  • The math doesn’t lie folks

13 - CFX - JOKER

  • Lightly inspired by that silly character known as “Joker”, he is quite the jovial character
  • Very cinematic, for sure to get the attention of any cinephile 

14 - CFX - New Earth 

  • Somewhere in the middle between “WRLD” + “Time” 
  • Good middle grounder if you’re indecisive

15 - CFX - BONUS - XXX Colour LUT - Purple

  • Included one of the actual luts from our XXX COLOUR LUT pack
  • It’s on the house, you’re welcome ;) 
  • Thanks for supporting your fellow FX boys! 


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Marco M.
Switzerland Switzerland

Quel plaisir de pouvoir gagner un temps précieux avec ce pack ! Qualité professionnelle garantie.

Roberto M.
Mexico Mexico
Love it!!!

Im really enjoying these presets really give me a different perspective of my photos. awesome dope tones!!!