“Beautiful Destinations uses this pack to teach their video editors/colorists” - Mitchell Mullins, California

  • [+20] Graphic Overlays for Video & Photo

  • [6] Custom Creative Letterboxing .pngs

  • [2] After Effects Graphic Design Templates

  • [4] Part Color Grading Course for DaVinci Resolve

Level up all your visuals in one fell swoop with Mitchell Mullins’ Color Grading + Asset Pack. Drag and drop over 20 custom graphic overlays for photo and video. Revamp your coloring workflow with the 4-part Color Grading Course. Incorporate new After Effects templates, then make them your own. If you’re looking for the fastest way to upgrade your work from all sides, this is it. 

Color Grading Course + Asset Packs

If you’re looking for the fastest way to upgrade your work from all sides, this is it.

Pack Includes: 

01 - Video Overlay

02 - Graphic Assets

03 - Color Grading Tutorial 

04 - Templates


Your Time is Too Important to Waste - SO DON'T

With the CFX bundle: You spend less time behind your desk editing and more time doing.

Doing is: Being out in the world, building your business, impressing clients, going on trips, and making time for family.

The bundle is like playing GTA with cheat codes: its a hell of a lot more fun and you’re going to get to your destination much faster (and in style). 

Get the bundle > Unlock the cheat codes.


Flexibility to Customize

Adapt it to your own style. 

Use it as a base to create and develop your design skills. 

Oliver: “I love to see how people are taking this design template and making it their own. I made this as a foundation to allow you to customize and learn how to use typography in an engaging and on trend manner.” 



Why would you need this colour grading / asset pack?

As content creators ourselves: we need this template because it provides a base, and a reliable backbone to our content creation. We often get burnt out or uninspired because of repetition and doing the same things over and over again. To quote one of the great minds that has walked this planet (Earth) “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” Good shit Einstein. We wholeheartedly agree and that hits home with the reasoning for downloading Mitchell Mullins Color Grading & Assets Pack - Upgrade your content and get out of any funk you’re in with an in depth color grading course and high quality asset packs from Mitchell Mullins. 

I’m a beginner video and photo editor, are these FX going to be too complex for me? 

Good news: The assets included in the bundle are built with the user in mind and are user friendly and can be utilized and appreciated by all skill levels. Also a step by step video walkthrough/tutorial is included so always have a helping hand. Daddy’s got you. 

What type of payment do you accept? 

We accept all major credit cards, and Paypal - safe & secure.


What are FX / digital assets? 

Simple. They are digital files that you download and are able to use on your photo/video projects. It’s like accessing the cheat codes on GTA.

Once I download: What if I need help?

Great news old sport: the file structure is uniform and simple to understand. Plus, this pack comes with a well designed tutorial so you can always find your way home to papa. If you are having a roadblock or technical issue: Don’t hesitate to email us at - support@creatorfxbundle.com 

Who am I?

An age old question. To find the answer - you must search within young padawan. 

Do I need an expensive laptop to use these assets?

Nope, this can operate on any laptop. No RAM supercharger needed. You like that double entendre? 

How long do I have access to the digital files?

For as long as you’re on planet Earth - your download link doesn’t expire so you’re able to take your assets it on the go if needed!

Is buying this color grading course / asset pack really worth it?