• 5 Highly Effective / Versatile Presets
  • One Click Photo Editing
  • Step by Step Tutorial Included 

Another preset pack right? No.

Let's face it, almost every preset pack you've bought sucks, they don't actually make your photos look good, they require a lot of editing after you've applied the preset or they just over edit your photos to the point where there's orange and teal and nothing else. These presets edit with simplicity to give your photos a professional touch with ease.



Lightroom can be a very scary place for a lot of people, especially those trying to get those juicy cinematic teal, oranges and desaturated greens but just don't know how.

These presets allow your photos to look like just your favorite Instagram creators without the effort of balancing the tone curve for 20 minutes or going back to that same slider for the 14th time.



We know you value your time, we do too.

If you added up all the time you spent messing around with sliders on Lightroom, that's a lot of time wasted that could be spent on going out and creating. Carssun's presets save you time and effort and still give you an end product edit.


  • Step by Step Tutorial

  • Organized + User Friendly Template

  • Get that film look instantly

  • Save time

  • Minimal editing skill required

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Jack D.
United States United States

I’ve bought and used hundreds of presets from every type of creator on the internet you can imagine, and honestly, they don’t even come close to Carssun’s. Unlike most preset packs - these baby’s are incredibly versatile. You don’t just have to shoot beautiful women on the beach to use these: they’re perfect for nightlife photos in the club all the way to the midday sun/beaches of wherever in the world you find yourself. Carssun’s “Film” Preset and “Golden Sunset” Preset are my personal favorites and I use them on every shoot I edit (no ********). Check them out on my page @notjvck for evidence. If there was ever a digital product you should buy, it’s these.

CREATOR FX @Carssun's - ESSENTIAL Presets ReviewCREATOR FX @Carssun's - ESSENTIAL Presets ReviewCREATOR FX @Carssun's - ESSENTIAL Presets ReviewCREATOR FX @Carssun's - ESSENTIAL Presets ReviewCREATOR FX @Carssun's - ESSENTIAL Presets Review


Why would you need these presets?

As creators, we find that we spend a lot of time stressing about not having enough time. And a leading cause of losing time is editing a large amount of photos, and with these presets you can save a whole lot of that time and stress because they are compatible with almost any type of image and only require one click to get you going.

What software do Carssun's presets work in?

Lightroom Classic. Simple.

I’m a beginner, is this going to be too complex for me? 

Good news: The assets included in the bundle are built with the user in mind and are user friendly and can be utilized and appreciated by all skill levels. Also a step by step video walkthrough/tutorial is included so always have a helping hand. Daddy’s got you. 

What type of payment do you accept? 

A preset is a file you import to Lightroom that when you apply to a photo, it instantly adjusts all the settings to give you a desired look.

Why would I need a preset?

Presets are great for a number of reasons, I'll list 3 to make it simple. 1. It saves you time, you don't have to spend time adjusting all the settings yourself. 2. It can give you different looks on your image that you wouldn't normally think to go try. 3. It can give you a desired look that you don't know how to achieve.

Once I download: What if I need help?

Great news old sport: the file structure is uniform and simple to understand. Plus, TYPE LAYOUT comes with a well designed tutorial so you can always find your way home to papa. If you are having a roadblock or technical issue: Don’t hesitate to email us at - support@creatorfxbundle.com 

What type of payment do you accept? 

We accept all major credit cards, and Paypal - safe & secure.

Do I need a fast laptop to use these assets?

Nope, this can operate on any laptop. No RAM supercharger needed. You like that double entendre? 

How long do I have access to the files?

For as long as you’re on planet Earth - your download link doesn’t expire so you’re able to take it on the go if you need!

Is buying Carssun's presets really worth it?